An IT Company That Won’t Fail You

The greatest benefit we’ve had since bringing Bayotech on is knowing our infrastructure is sound, our backups are secure, and our users are seeing minimal downtime.

The relationship we have built with Jarrod and his team makes them feel like they are part of our team, rather than feeling like we are just another client that they will “get to” when they get the chance.

If you are struggling to decide between Bayotech or a different competitor, I would tell you that this company has never failed me. When it comes to installation, configuration, security, general support; you name it, these guys have my full confidence.

Anthony Armentrout Information Technology Manager
JW Flooring

We’ve Trusted Bayotech for Over 12 Years

We have been with Bayotech for over 12 years now and are they are the only company I trust with all of out IT services and requirements.

Their service has always been fast, friendly and efficient and we have never had any issues when dealing with them. They are always very helpful and patient.

I have no hesitation recommending them to other organizations that are looking for a professional IT Support Service who will do the job correctly the first time.

Sara Gonzalez Insurance Broker
Webster Insurance Agency

Unparalleled Personalized Experience

There is no one like Jarrod and his team at Bayotech. Their personalized service and attention to detail is unparalleled.

Jarrod and his team make sure to get ahead of any potential issues and stop the problem before it can turn into a real headache. They personalize your services and support based off of what you actually need. Bayotech isn’t a one-size-fits all company, and I can really appreciate a system that is tailored to my actual needs than wasting my time and money.

If you are looking for a new IT provider, don’t waste your time. Bayotech has made out IT issues nearly non-existent and I would recommend them to anyone.

Ami Lewallen Broker
Red Rhino Realty, Inc

Completely Integrated System

I was referred to Bayotech by a business colleague when my computer crashed, and I had difficulty recovering the data despite having a backup system.  They were masterful in helping me determine the specifications required for a new computer, recovering the files, and setting up a more reliable backup.

These specifications were critical because I have a podcast and use a high-level microphone. The combination of setting up my specifications and knowledge about how to use the numerous applications I have, make them invaluable.

If you are looking for an IT firm that will provide you with a completely integrated system who are quick to respond and have great expertise, then I suggest you call Bayotech today!

Jordan Goldrich CEO
Workplace Warrior

Consistent and Trustworthy

Since switching to Bayotech, I haven’t had to think about my technology at all. I know that our computers and software are always up to date, and we are safe from intrusions.

With other IT companies that I have worked with, you always get a different person. There’s no consistency. With Bayotech, I get the same techs EVERY SINGLE TIME. Zero Inconsistencies.

Because I have been working with the same people, I have built a certain amount of trust with Bayotech. Therefore, there are no trust issues. Also, they are the most considerate and sensitive when it comes to passwords and data.

I wouldn’t use anyone else!

JR Ashforth Owner
Sonrise RV

Quick and Thorough

The biggest benefit I have noticed since switching to Bayotech is how quick they come to help us when we encounter an issue. They fix our problems quickly and efficiently.

We can’t imagine changing providers. They keep our systems safe and secure, and when we run into the inevitable issue, are quick to fix it.

Jennie Chang Operations Manager
Cenzone Tech

Going Above and Beyond

When it comes to technological issues, you will be hard pressed to find better quality and service than with Bayotech Inc. With the immediate access to a solution-driven support staff whenever an issue arises, we have been able to move forward in our workday with ease.

The prompt responses and availability of staff members to field questions and solve problems makes their customer service unparalleled.

If you are looking for a company that goes above and beyond to prioritize you as a client and problem solve with immediacy, this would be the IT company to choose!

Reach out to Bayotech today!

Tracy Lynn Principal Designer
Tracy Lynn Studio

An IT Company You Can Trust

When working with Bayotech, I not only know that we are in good hands, but that they are transparent with us.

I trust that Jarrod isn’t going to try to upsell me on products/services that I don’t need, and instead, communicates with me ahead of time to let me know of any updated recommendations that he can see as a necessity.

As an added bonus, we are saving both time and money by not having to employ a full-time IT person which means I can just call in the calvary when I need it.

Our IP is our life, and we trust Bayotech with it. If you are looking for an IT company you can trust, you should call Bayotech today.

Jason Williams IT Manager
Stone Impressions

Increasing Efficiency and Lowering Stress

Bayotech has been our Cyber Guardians for over 15 years and we continue to choose them for their excellent response time and the level of customized care.

Their reduction of our corporate risk and stress, and the dramatic increase in our efficiency has helped not only our technological standing but also our company workflows. Bayotech’s service is seamless and well executed.

I highly recommend Bayotech to anyone looking to increase their efficiency and lower their stress.

Call Bayotech today!

Eric Chriss CEO

Help When You Need It Most

Bayotech can help you with all your IT problems and keep your IT network extremely secured. With the many cases of computer hacking happening these days, it’s very important that we have an IT company, like Bayotech, that we can rely on to keep your IT network safe and running all the time.

Bayotech helped us restore the files in our server after it was hacked and encrypted. They also improved our network security and we have been safe since.

Due to their extensive experience in IT services, Bayotech is familiar with most IT problems and can provide effective and reliable solutions quickly.

If you are in a bind or are ready to be prepared just in case your company gets hacked, call Bayotech today. You won’t regret it.

Darhyl Besa CFO
Solid Gold Management

Great Communication and Knowledge

Bayotech brings us peace of mind knowing that our most important company asset, our network, is being properly maintained. We don’t have to worry about down time or hearing that the IT company can’t fix/help with our needs, Bayotech is always on top of things.

With Jarrod and his team, we are never left in the dark. They are great at communicating and are extremely knowledgeable.

Isn’t it time to stop worrying about your workstations and your network? Isn’t it time to KNOW you are with a company that has a proven track record! Often, Bayotech is the IT that helps other companies’ IT people.

Why not just use Bayotech direct?!?!

Wendy Sue Service Department
Copycare of San Diego

The Best Customer Service

The quick service Bayotech provides is by far the best that I’ve ever experienced. I have called at 6am, two in the afternoon, and even 8 o’clock at night and I still receive superb support. It doesn’t matter what time of day we have a problem their company is Johnny on the Spot. Or in this case, Jarrod on the Spot!

At times, Simon has come straight down to the bakery in order to take care of a challenge with one of our computers. Not to mention, the repeated times I have called him for a password or username.

Finding a local IT company with corporate capabilities and awesome customer service these days are extremely rare. The customer service Bayotech provides make us feel as if we are their only client.

If you are looking for true customized support from your IT company, then give Bayotech a call today!

Deanna Smith President
Deanna’s Gluten Free

An IT Company that has Your BEST Interest at Heart

The Bayotech team is knowledgeable and resourceful, they also genuinely have your best interest at heart.

The techs at Bayotech take the time to ask questions to truly understand what it is we actually need and why we need it. After developing that understanding, then they make themselves readily available and ready to assist us whenever the occasion arises.

If you are looking for a knowledgeable IT company who is looking out for your best interest, then give Bayotech a call today.

Suzette French Business Manager
Alzheimer’s San Diego

Always Support Local

We have found success working with Bayotech due to their availability and accessibility.

Locality is huge for me vs working with a company that is overseas. I feel there is a sense of accountability due to this rather than dealing with a person that I will never meet. So, when I met Jarrod and his team and found that he is in the Solana Beach area, I knew they were a good choice for me.

If you are like me and looking for a dependable local IT company, call Bayotech today.

Christian Griffin Principal
Griffin Enterprises

Unmatched Service

Bayotech has been with us for many years, and we have never even considered changing providers because of the excellent customer service that they provide.

The Bayotech team provides immediate service when it is needed. There are no real waiting times to resolve serious issues that could otherwise cause serious disruption to our business.

Their fast response time, reliable products and personal service sets them higher than their competitors, by far.

If you are looking for a fast, lasting and reliable IT company for your business, reach out to Bayotech today.

Gary Pavitt CFO
Classy Closets

An IT Firm You Can Trust

We have been with Bayotech for over 10 years now. We continue to choose them because not only do they have the experience and knowledge, but we have developed a true relationship with them, and we trust Bayotech.

Bayotech provides us with the ability to troubleshoot remotely on any workstation and are responsive plus efficient whenever we need their services. They have helped us on both the software and hardware for our network and provide a comprehensive approach to planning for the growth of our office.

Bayotech is more than an IT company. They take the time to know you and your business, make a plan with you, and help you execute that plan while keeping up your systems.

If you are looking for an IT firm that you can trust, call Bayotech today.

Chris Tadano IT Manager
Kellen Tadano DDS

Taking The Worry Out Of IT

Before choosing Bayotech, I had been with several other IT companies. These companies were a mess and had all sorts of issues.

Since switching to Bayotech, I haven’t needed to worry about my IT at all. Jarrod and his team take care of everything! This, in turn, allows me the time to run my business with the comfort of knowing that if a problem arises, they have it covered.

If you are looking for an IT firm who has your back, call Bayotech.

I would 100% recommend Bayotech!

Maria Salas President
Salas Financial

Reliable for Over a Decade

Bayotech has been with us since we opened in 2009. From home office to a staffed office. Through each transition: Jarrod, Simon and the Bayotech team hava been reliable, trustworthy and always available.

I sleep better knowing they’ve got our backups and our firewalls properly managed.

If you are looking for a great IT company, call Bayotech today.

Eric Domeier Principal
Domeier Architects

Bringing Peace of Mind

My business absolutely HAS to have computers that work properly and without problem in order for us to be able to operate. Our computer network is a pillar of our operation.

Since Bayotech restructured my entire computer system, we have had trouble-free operations and my systems are working great. Even in the event of a small flub, they have come to the rescue and sorted the issue quickly and efficiently both remotely and in person. THAT is awesome!

The last few IT sources we used, even the expensive “big” companies just didn’t seem to care about the issues we were experiencing or helping us to find a solution. They made you feel like just another number on their list. This is not the case with Jarrod and his team.

You can’t put a price on your system being reliable and operational. These guys are detailed for both smaller and larger projects. From complete overhaul to monthly maintenance, you can rely on this company.

Choose Bayotech. They are a must-have and will give you something that’s immeasurable in operating a small business, peace of mind.

Matt Dugan President
Allied Gardens Automotive

Pleasant and Always Available

Bayotech’s team is always a pleasure to work with and available whenever the need arises. They are great under pressure and have brought us peace of mind when it comes to our technological needs.

If you are looking for a decent IT firm that is understanding and takes the time to explain things in a way that you can truly understand, then I highly recommend Bayotech.

Give them a call today!

Denise Stevens Executive Assistant
Duckett Wilson Development

Top-Notch Personable Customer Service

Bayotech exceeds my expectations with their knowledgeable technicians and supreme customer service.

Jarrod and his team are always available when I need them and respond to my requests quickly. I am not a tech savvy individual so it is nice to able to talk directly to an IT professional who can effectively communicate how to navigate my IT problems. In a world with mostly robots and automated systems, I value working with Bayotech’s real-life technicians.

In addition to their fantastic customer support, I have confidence that my data and network are secure which allows me to focus on running my business.

If you are looking for an IT company that can be there for you, reach out to Bayotech.

Jennifer Antoniadis Principal
JA Financial Services

A Worth While IT Company

Since choosing Bayotech, they have been an invaluable asset to my business. Having to be concerned about cyber security as well as anything related to tech (Setting up new users within our company, email account management, you name it), Jarrod and his team have supported me whenever I need it

Their responsiveness is unparalleled. When any issue arises, Bayotech is quick to respond. Even better, is the work that I am largely unaware of to prevent issues before they arise. On more than one occasion, Bayotech has reached out to address a threat that I wasn’t even aware of.

If you are on the fence about Bayotech or are unsure if it is worth it. The only thing I can say is stop thinking about it and just do it. The time/cost savings of having a network that doesn’t fail and the support for IT issues that arise is well worth it. It would have been far costlier with a worse outcome if we did not have Bayotech as a partner.

Mike Moore President
Moore Construction

An IT Company Who Cares

When Bayotech took over for our previous IT company, they immediately improved our backup recovery system and monitor it for dependency to this day. I know if something happens to our data, we will be up and running within a few hours.

Whenever we get a new printer or computer, Jarrod and his team will come to our location to install the equipment right away. Jarrod even set up our workstations so that the users cannot run programs or software that has not been approved.

I really need a trustworthy company who has integrity and honest employees because they have access to sensitive and valuable information from within my company. I know Jarrod and his team value the same ideals. They are truly great people and have become part of our family.

If you want an IT company who truly cares, reach out to Bayotech!

John Mouet Quality Control Manager
Tommy’s Quality Meats

Trustworthy and Professional

Since switching to Bayotech, our in-house systems/servers are healthy and closely monitored.

Bayotech is great at promptly responding to our requests and fixing our issues with right-to-the-point solutions. Their in-person service is an added benefit that makes the communication for our issues or suggestions so much easier to maintain.

If you are looking for an IT company that is trustworthy and professional with their knowledge in the field, then call Bayotech today!

Jinlie Lou-Miller IT Manager
San Diego Pension Consultants

Understanding Our Business Needs

In my line of business, it is important to work with people who understand my business needs. Jarrod and his team at Bayotech, take the time to not only ensure that my data is protected, but to also to understand my specific pain points when it comes to technology and my business.

Since hiring Bayotech, I don’t have to worry about computer issues or lost data. And when I need it, I get helped immediately.

If you are on the fence about Bayotech, I say go for it! It is a small price to pay for comfort and peace of mind knowing that all your records are safe and any computer issues you have can be fixed with people who know your business needs.

Call them today.

Marcie Doherty Office Manager
CMS Interiors

There For You When You Need It Most- Done

There is nothing more frustrating than calling to get a quick answer or when you have an issue and having to jump through hoops and be put on hold to get a resolution. Once I fund Bayotech, all that frustration was eliminated when it came to my technology.

Whether I am calling in for a quick question or have a computer issue, a live person from the Bayotech team answers as soon as possible.

If you are like me, and value your time and don’t want to waste any more of it being on hold, then give Bayotech a call. They are efficient and there for you when you need it most.

Michael Wright Attorney at Law
Michael Wright Law Office

Personalized Technological Experience

We moved from out previous IT provider to Bayotech, and let me tell you, that was the smoothest transition.

Since switching to Jarrod and his team, we were not only moved over quickly and efficiently, but we have a tech that is assigned specifically to us. That way, they know exactly what is going on with us and we never have to play catch-up with a new tech and repeat ourselves.

If you have been thinking of switching over to Bayotech but are unsure, I say just do it. Bayotech is up to date on technology and safety, and they also provide you with an unbeatable personalized experience.

Renee Castillo Office Manager
Lorton Mitchell Custom Homes, Inc